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So What Is Kinesiology?  (kin-easy-ology)

Literally, The scientific study of body movement encompassing holistic health disciplines.

The principle of testing and monitoring muscles, gathers information about the person’s well being.  Aligns and balances your acupuncture meridian energy system. Which in turn Balances your ‘Bio-chemical computer’, integrating your physical, structural, chemical and emotional, total whole being.

Developed in the 1960’s, combining the wisdom of Western Science with Eastern healing techniques. This encompasses the Core Eastern Principle of ‘The Five Elements’, promoting total balance and health. Both Touch For Health & Educational Kinesiology are widely used professionally and formally recognised in over 100 countries

The potential for people to make shifts in their Posture. Attitude and Aspirations, whether subtle or dramatic is a constant source of joy for myself and other people I work with.

I Now invite YOU to consider what you really want from life.  Learn ways of ‘Balancing’ to relieve pain, release tension and stresses physically and emotionally that often lead to loss of energy and illness.

Quick, Easy and Simple!

The Natural Alternative for Perfect Health

and Learning Challenges!


Lee-Anne MacLeod  

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