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"Stress Free Learning For School & Home"

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Brain Gym has been developed especially for the class room setting. It is easy and effective to apply allowing each individual student to achieve at their own learning PACE as nature intended.

These techniques are so user friendly that Brain Gym® is now used in schools in over 100 countries. An Internationally sort after and annually award winning scientificly proven system that powerfully works!

THE BIG PICTURE: Children learning successfully while assisting each other happily and supportively in a positive co-creative environment.  Commonly, their self responsibility model is also taken home to help family relationships, stresses and 'aliveness'. Creating healthier and happier families and communities who love to communicate and are excited about life long learning.


Challenge:  You notice that Johnny is having difficulty sitting still with what appears to be a very uncomfortable and stressful maths task.  His concentration is diminished and he begins to distract others quietly working around him.

Solutions:  Quietly ask Johnny to go to the back of the room and do a series of Cross Crawl
or say to him: "Johnny, I've notices that you are having difficulty sitting still so I though that you may like to have a run to stretch your legs."  Johnny nods with a big smile of relief.
"Would you please take this note to Mr Jones in room 32.  He is at the other side of the school.  I'd like you to run with large steps to his class room and then do some 'Cross Crawl' and 'Calf Pump' out side our class room if you feel you need too."  (You have an arrangement set up with Mr Jones for this purpose).

The next time that Johnny can't focus, (leading to uncontrollable wriggling), instead of 'trying harder' which always results in him becoming more uncomfortable and disruptive, he comes to you requesting if he can deliver a note to Mr Jones.  The children tend to really appreciate your support and acknowledgement of his learning difficulty, becomes self managing, happier and more confident with achieving given tasks with greater success.



BRAIN GYMpromotes sustainable brain integration by using specific movements to address blocks to learning, develop neural pathways and improve coordination both mentally and physically. Brain Gym has been developed especially for the class room setting, is fast, easy and effective to apply allowing each individual student to achieve at their own learning PACE as nature intended.

After an initial training course, many Teachers are easily and successfully using and experimenting with Brain Gym in their classrooms.  They are consistently seeing many beneficial changes in their pupils as well as their own stress levels. Their student's work more happily and more constantly. They are more relaxed even in the play ground as students begin to self moderate successfuly with 2 minutes of Brain Gym to settle arguments and agressive behaviour.
Even more beneficial is when Brain Gym is promoted as a whole school policy. Many school senior staff and teachers have been asking for advice on the best way to achieve this.
In response The Brain Gym Centre of WA evolved a package called "STRESS FREE LEARNING FOR SCHOOL AND HOME" as a guide to planning the systematic implementation of Brain Gym into the school. The goal is to introduce Brain Gym to the school and integrate its use into the Teaching and Learning process. This will assist in promoting measurable improvements in:
  • ETHOS of the whole school.
  • ATTAINMENT of the whole school with consistently higher academic results.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN SOCIAL INTERACTIONS - especially with violent behaviour.

Specially designed courses for schools on offer:

Brain Gym® in Action – Professional Development Workshop

This workshop is designed to give you a short, concise overview on BrainGym® activities.

It is aimed at teachers who have never had any experience with BrainGym® and who want to learn more about it. It is also great for all other educators who would like to update their knowledge base.

Brain Gym® in Action is a one day course (~6 hours) and costs $ 120/person.
Minimum number of participants per workshop is 15 people.
Smaller schools and communities can join together to form larger groups, and fees for these are negotiable.

For these specially designed courses for schools CLICK HERE FOR: School In-service PD Brochure

We at the Brain Gym Centre of WA, have pooled our skills and resources and offer the very best in service possible to your schools! Together we have some 40 years of teaching and practice experience. 

We have worked extensively with individuals and schools throughout the state, supporting teachers, students and parents with this wonderful cutting edge technique that is successfully used in over 100 countries. 

DB Lee-Anne MacLeodLee-Anne MacLeod

To find a suitable date for a course at your school, we can react flexibly to your needs according to your school’s schedule for the coming term.

For more information and the registration form you can download our new brochure:

Brain Gym & Kinesiology Brochure  

Please contact us soon for early bookings!

Early bird registrations will receive a FREE copy of the “Brain Gym®”, teachers’ edition for your school library! Bookings over 20 people will also receive FREE Brain Gym® specialized tools.

Please feel free to contact us any time by phone or send us an email:

[email protected]    Phone 08 9386 9429

[email protected]                                 

For more information on BrainGym® visit the homepage of the Educational Kinesiology Association, where we are registered.


New dates for the Brain Gym® (101) - 4 day course 

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