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MINI COURSES Basic, Simple & Fun!  Open to everyone! Kinesiology For Kids – 3hrs            

A do it yourself stress management guide for parents.  For healthy, happy, popular and emotionally well adjusted kids!  Learn simple & quick ways to manage their stress, enjoy better health, improve co-ordination & manage their energy. Teach your kids how to recognise when they are feeling “out of balance” low energy, food cravings, body discomfort, unhappy feelings etc.  Then, how to instantly make changes with a simple exercise or two!      

Food & Supplement Testing – 3hrs

With so much confusion in the media about how preservative, colourings, sugar etc, affect our families, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.  Learn a simple way to clearly check for yourself what is and isn’t a possible ‘reactive’ food or ingredient for each individual with confidence.  Also learn about food combing, foods that increase immunity & those that don’t, acid & alkaline, muscle testing, check for sensitivities, possible allergens and the foods that will make you feel great the fastest at that moment.  And, Yes, chocolate and coffee at times, can just do the trick!  Empower yourself with accurate choices for greater health and a happier family!

Tibetan Energy & Vitality – 6hrs                                  

Tibetan Energy - Ancient healing system

Learn how to Balance your energy system or 'life force Chi' the ancient way.  This very powerful healing system of 8's was used by the Tibetan's over 5000 years ago and is still used today as primary and profoundly effective tool. 

* Learn how to reduce pain, bruising and swelling in seconds.  

* Decrease healing time of trauma sites eg: after surgery, and accidents

* Reduce keloid scarring even after many years have passed.

* The 7 Healing Rights to 'turn back the ageing clock' increasing health, energy and vitality.

Included is a special Tibetan exercise program for five minutes per day that is said to make you look and feel younger. They believe it's 'The Fountain Of Youth.'

One of the most powerful, life changing workshops you'll never wish to miss.

Perceptive Vision – 3hrs                                                                 

Do you wish to see more clearly naturally?   Too many of us begin to lose our sight due to stress rather than age!  Learn how to naturally maintain and improve your vision with simple & proven techniques.  Learn about our belief systems, visual perception, muscle testing, simple exercises, massage, nutrition and environmental support Take a ‘Vision Break and revitalise your eyes.           

Healthy Pets – 7hrs                                                                            

Reduce your vet bills while improving your cat, dog, bunny, or horse’s health, happiness and longevity. Learn some basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, emotional and structural balancing through the use of safe vibrational, acupressure and touch therapy.

Stress Release Made Easy – 5hrs                                    

Simple and effective kinesiology techniques to improve all areas of your life by understanding and reducing your stress. 


Find out if kinesiology is for you. These short seminars are designed to teach muscle testing and to apply it in an area of special interest. The courses are endorsed by the Touch for Health School of the International Kinesiology College of Zurich. Insist on training with an instructor registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association so your certificate of proficiency can be recognised by the Association for future practitioner training hours.              

Bookings are essential for all courses as numbers are strictly limited.  They may also be available for online study in the near future. Please let me know if this interests you.