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Brain Gym and Kinesiology Courses

     Brain Gym(r) (101) 4 day course

Experience whole-brain integration through whole body neuro-muscular developmental movement.     Learn twenty-six Brain Gym movements, the Edu-K five step Balance process, and Three Dimensional & Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals. Applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals.    Open to all!

We begin by exploring ways to integrate left and right brain hemispheres leading to greater ease in activities that involve crossing the midline such as reading, writing, listening, movement and daily life skills. In addition to the laterality dimension of the brain, two further dimensions are explored: centring and focus. Three Dimensional Brain Processing:
Laterality Cerebral Cortex Centering Mid Brain and Limbic (emotional) systems; Focus Cerebellum, Pons and Brain Stem. This knowledge contributes to an experience of 'whole-brain' integration as it applies to communication, organisation, focus and comprehension skills.


When:   To be announced

            ♥    Feel free to contact me in person to arrange your own personal group


Investment $700 or $650 Early Bird = Full payment received 3 weeks in advance **


Investment:    -  Includes the BG101 course manual and  course text, Brain Gym Teacher's Notes and on going support.  Also snacks, tea & coffee. Graduates of this course may repeat for half price. Please bring all your own materials with you from your previous course - $350     


A Complete Professional Training is available through The Brain Gym Centre of WA. All these modules are Nationally and Internationally accredited and recognised within over one hundred countries giving you a national and internationally recognised practitioner or instructor accreditation.  (Most courses listed on this page are included in this training). For further details please →   contact Lee-Anne MacLeod


This course may be fully Tax Deductable as Professional Development Course. 

Brain Gym (r) is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Ventura, California US or Aust






Instructor: Lee-Anne MacLeod, Advanced Neuro-Kinesiologist
Nationally and Internationally Accredited Practitioner, Educator, Trainer and Specialist Consultant

  Phone: 08 9386 9429  Mob:  0405 732 144  or e-mail for further information.

Optimal Brain Organization Profiles        


Optimal Brain Organization Profiles (OBO) - 3 days

Discover the concepts of hemispheric specialization, identification, and balancing to facilitate whole-brain integration and  learning. Also, how to Profile, Balance, Transpose and other wonderful skills to ultimately assist Learners into their Gifted Learning Styles.

Open to graduates of Brain Gym 101.



250 - Visioncircles (VC) - 3 days

A road map to the completion of developmental skills through movement, play, and art.  Emphasis on vision enhancement and Sensory Integration difficulties that hold back our Natural ability to absorb  information around us. 
34 Vision Gym for Improved Learning and Sensory Integration.  Open to graduates of Brain Gym 101.   

Click here for  Visioncircles Brochure


Touch For Health Synthesis (level 1 - 4)

TFH 1 & 2 Module 1:  4 day course   

Pre-requisite THF 1 & 2
TFH Workbook - Self Directed Learning: continuous assessment for TFH 1 - 4

TFH  3 & 4 Module 2:  4 day course Dates to be advised 

TFH Advanced Levels:

TFH  Proficiency Assess:      - Pre-requisite THF 4

TFH 5 Element Metaphors:  - Pre-requisite THF 4

TFH Workbook - Self Directed Learning: continuous assessment for TFH 1 - 4

TFH  Instructor Training:         - Pre-requisite: All of the above THF Touch For Health Kinesiology (TFH) is a system of natural health care with muscle monitoring using a perfect blend of the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle, yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

Touch For Health Kinesiology addresses the Structural, Nutritional, and Emotional Stresses common in oureveryday life.Touch For Health Kinesiology is recognised as the foundation of all Kinesiology training all around the world.


Rhythmic Movement Training

Levels 1 & 2 - 3 days


A simple developmental movement system to assist the integration of Primitive and Postural Reflexes. A profound three day course where you learn how to assist ADD

and other learners to reach a greater potential. Includes support for ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Autism and Dyslexia also.  A fundamental understanding of the impact of Primitive and Postural Reflexes on childhood development for language, socialising and learning. 

Developed in Sweden by a clinical Psychiatrist Dr Harald Blomberg. A fun, experiential and insightful course.

Click here for Rhythmic Movement Training Brochure