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Advanced Courses

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The Natural Alternative to Perfect Health

and Learning Challenges!


    Internationally accredited in over 80 countries

Kinesiology 101

   4 Day Module designed to skill you in the basics of Kinesiology  

   See Touch For Health Module 1 - TFH 1 & 2

Touch For Health Kinesiology

    The origin and the best way to begin learning

    Touch For Health 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Metaphors and Proficiency Training

    Each module is taken separately and takes 2 days

Educational Kinesiology

    4 days - Brain Gym 101

    3 days - Visioncircles

    2 days - Optimal Brain Organisation

Developmental Movement

   4 days - Rhythmic Movement Training 1 & 2

Mini Courses

    Various small courses

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0405 732 144