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Indigo and Crystal Children         

These Children are sent to us as a gift to humanity.

They are the one's who are and will continue to challenge us to develop a higher level of integrity, spiritual and conscious awareness within our selves and our larger community.

These children also know when you tell a 'Little White Lie' and will question it every time!

Their loving for us is so intense that when you look into their eyes it feels like they can see right through you and none of your soul is hidden.  You melt with this degree of loving as we stand 'bear' before them in our absolute truth!

It's our job to nurture their intuition and gifts. It is easy to create doubt and crush a child's spirits. Learn to trust them and give them credit when they tell you there is an angel or fairy in the room. Just because we may not be able to see or sense them, it doesn't mean what they are experiencing isn't real for them. It's also not wise to go over board. Our job is to help integrate and raise them to be confident, successful, healthy and balanced adults.

Remember:  Even though these children will challenge us totally, they are still children. You wouldn't have been sent this precious gift if you weren't 'up to the task'.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.

This page is still under construction, so please be patient and return weekly for: GOLDEN NUGGETS for raising and caring for these special children. 

Indigo & Crystal Children


For enquiries Phone:  Local - 08 9386 9429   
-   Mobile: 0405 732 144