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Russia: "You Are A Winner "
Moving Beyond Survival with Brain Gym
Dr Svetlana' Masgutova's story.
"For many children the Brain Gym movements along with words of encouragement
and compassion made the difference between life and death."
Dr S. Masgutova.
This is the story of how this courageous Dr of psychology saved several lives of severely
burned and traumatised children. She was the head of the psychological team at
the major hospital in Ufa, near the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1989.
After one of the world's most tragic and severe train accidents in history.As hundred's of children were dieing, she had to find a new and inovative way to work
Watching children screaming in intense pain and dying was too shocking.
Dr Musgotova was well experienced to lead the recovery emergency team as
she'd had great success with organizing, training and assisting the
psychological survival teams for Chernobyl and Baku. This exerience
in Ufa though, was far worse, taking ever resource she could muster
to even cope on a personal level with this level of trauma and tragedy.
Dr Masgutova discovered that by using two simply Brain Gym movements,
the children on the hospital floor she was in charge were surviving, while
others were still dieing. Her patients came out of shock within a few
days, increasing their chances of survival dramaticly. Children who were
left by others to die, Dr Masgotova drew number eights in front of, finding
them vital signs stabilising and many ore'lived!'Even though she was in shock herself, she was encouraged by her success and
continued to find more ways to use Brain Gym developmental movements.
Some children even found laughter in five days while others took months.
The success rate of the children her team used Brain Gym with was five to one
compared to those of trauma patients on other floors of the hospital. Dr Svetlana Masgutova's scientific research on Brain Gm &
Neuro-Kinesiology has been published in over 60 professional
journals in Russia and Poland.More of this story will continue as this web page is under development.